Jenny Moore is an artist, musician, composer, drummer, singer, organiser and deep listener. She makes music, magic, and interventions with people and sound. She writes songs and tells stories. She runs a choir. She makes radio shows. She’s ready for a new world.

Photo by Rosie Alice Wilson

WILD MIX is an immersive punk choral musical currently in development. Creating a ritual space to sing ourselves back to life. With bangers, bops, prayers, and a kickboxing drum section.
Recent sharings at The Rose Hill, Brighton
Cafe Oto, London
Producer: Lucia Fortune-Ely at Metal & Water

JENNY MOORE’S MYSTIC BUSINESS is an R&B-inspired punk-choral ensemble releasing music through Lost Map Records

F*CHOIR is an experimental choir in London, causing a racket, singing to stay with trouble. Founded by Jenny in 2017. Still burning.

ROBIN HOOD: The Legend Re-Written is a new play by Carl Grose, directed by Melly Still, with original music composed by Jenny Moore. Premiered at Regents Park Open Air Theatre, Summer 2023.

Nominated for Best Composer, Lyricist or Book at the Stage Debut Awards 2023

HITTING THINGS, SOHO RADIO is a monthly radio show hosted by Jenny. Two hours of polyphonic percussive music by women and queers, live sessions, feeling-chats and rants.
Inbox always open for your tracks. Find the show here.

PEOPLE ARE UNFINISHED is the documentation of an online performance & video made with my chosen family in 2020

This website is under construction continually.

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