Jenny Moore is an artist, musician, composer, drummer, singer, organiser and deep listener. She makes music, magic, and interventions with people and sound. She plays in bands. She runs a choir. She makes radio shows. She’s ready for a new world.

WILD MIX is an immersive punk choral musical currently in development. Creating a ritual space to sing ourselves back to life. With bangers, bops, prayers, and a kickboxing drum section.

JENNY MOORE’S MYSTIC BUSINESS is an R&B-inspired punk-choral ensemble releasing music through Lost Map Records

F*CHOIR is an experimental choir in London, causing a racket, singing to stay with trouble. Founded by Jenny in 2017. Still burning.

HITTING THINGS, SOHO RADIO is a monthly radio show hosted by Jenny. Two hours of polyphonic percussive music by women and queers, live sessions, feeling-chats and rants.
Inbox always open for your tracks.

PEOPLE ARE UNFINISHED is the documentation of an online performance & video made with my chosen family in 2020

This website is under construction continually.

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